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Transforming Digital Consumer Care Into Innovation & Growth: Unilever’s Story

Unilever believes all consumers are digital consumers. The face of retail is rapidly changing, e- commerce & instore experiences are having to excel to capture the purchase in real-time & consumers are smarter than ever before to ensure they get the best deal. Aided by smartphones they are choosing when & how they want to obtain information & engage with their favourite brands. A recent survey found 90% of customers prefer to check information online before calling a contact centre & 30% are still on the website when they call. Unilever understands how digital technology is influencing consumer behaviour, what consumers like & dislike when engaging with the brands they love & are transforming their contact centre services to support an integrated digital journey.

In this session Megan Neale, Head of Global Consumer Engagement Centres will share how Unilever is:

- Leading in consumer engagement through digital experiences

- Delivering real-time insight to the business

- Achieving high levels of agility & learning to adapt continuously

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Megan Neale
Global Head of Consumer Engagement

I'm fascinated by Digital Empathy -  how we combine the power of artificial intelligence in the digital landscape with our desire for human contact within a supporting, sharing and collaborative eco-system. 

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