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Data offers a promise that's much bigger than 'helping people understand complex things' or even 'inspiring people'. The right data visualized well can truly change the culture of an organisation by empowering people with insight at their fingertips day-in, day-out. Why aim for anything less? Through lessons learned working on presidential elections, the music industry and the TV industry, David will illustrate the promise that data holds and offer practical advice on how to realise that promise.

David boyle
David Boyle
EVP, Insight

David Boyle leads the work of the Insight team at BBC Worldwide. His task is to help to transform the relationship that BBC Worldwide has with its audience by building industry-leading insight capabilities. Whether that's Insight into consumers, BBC brands and the market, or Insight into what connects with audiences emotionally and what inspires them.

David has spent recent years constructing global insight capabilities for the publishing and music industries - helping them make quicker, smarter and bolder decisions for their brands. He joined BBC from his most recent role as SVP Consumer Insight at HarperCollins Publishers where his consumer insight work allowed the company to better understand consumer behavior and attitudes towards books, authors, book discovery and purchase. Prior to that David was at EMI Music, where he delivered insight to all parts of the business in more than 25 countries, helping to shift the organization’s decision-making at all levels from artist signing to product development and brand development plans for artists including The Beatles and Pink Floyd. David also worked to help the Labour party win their historic third term in the UK and to build some of the insight and analysis infrastructure that was instrumental in Barack Obama's election wins. 

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