The Volvo Trucks Live Tests – Lessons Learned

More than 89 million views on YouTube. (Jan 20, 2014)

"The Volvo Trucks Live Tests” has generated a lot of attention with "The Epic Split" being the most viewed automotive commercial on YouTube ever. 

And no, we did not need to buy any commercial in the Super Bowl.

I will share some of the learning’s from the campaign.

Niclas hermansson
Niclas Hermansson
Manager, Online & Digital marketing

Niclas is the Manager of Online & Digital Marketing @ Volvo Trucks North America, responsible for digital marketing initiatives - every day embracing conversation and transparency. Before moving to US, he worked at Volvo Trucks Global HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden. Earlier Niclas worked as a marketing strategist for international clients at Ogilvy and McCann Erickson. Lived several years outside his home country, he enjoys working in other cultures to experience differences in organization, communication and innovation. Niclas is a Swedish expat currently residing in Greensboro, NC, focusing intensively to be a real Tar Heel.

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