The Virtues of Endurance: UX Design for Sport Wearables

Our users are preoccupied with being better. Endurance is their shared value, an end in itself and virtue we’ve latched on to in Design for sports wearables at TomTom. Our interfaces humbly ask to be secondary, and work best expecting no attention spared from the effort at hand. "Endurance Design" imagines each sprint as a marathon, a flow where excellence can simply begin with exercise. It reminds us how and why we’re used. Sharing these design principles, practical strategies, exercises and best practices driving TomTom’s next wave of wearable fitness products.

David Morgan
Lead Designer

David is helping people get more from their active lifestyle. Lead Designer across TomTom Sports’ growing range of wearable fitness products. He’s been peppering jokes and philosophy into design practice for years at Nokia, Microsoft and now TomTom.

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