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The State Of The Industrial Internet

The industrial machines are getting connected and the big data analytics on the sensor data is making them intelligent. Globally distributed industrial machines such as jet engines, power generators, MRI machines, can be connected via the industrial internet, monitored in near real time and become more efficient. With fuel efficient jet engines, better health outcomes at a lower cost, boosted energy production, substantial savings in fuel, and better performing and longer-lived physical assets, the Industrial Internet will allow us to promote sustainability and savings around the globe. Specific use cases from the Aviation industry will demonstrate how industrial internet is a reality today.

Shyam Varan Nath
Principal Architect
Shyam Varan Nath is a Big Data and Advanced Analytics professional with experience in Healthcare and related fields with companies like GE, IBM, Deloitte and Oracle. His areas of interest include bringing together Internet of Things and Healthcare. He has been a co-Founder of Technology Company as well lead several Technology user groups. He has an MBA and Masters in Computer Science, apart from B Tech (EE) from IIT, Kanpur India.

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