The Role of FP&A in Strategic Planning

Companies are increasingly aware the developing a strong and coherent business strategy requires input from all C-Suite executives and their teams.  This presentation will explain why CFOs and the FP&A function is uniquely positioned to lead strategic planning and how they should prepare themselves for this challenging role.

Jeremy gray
Jeremy Gray

Jeremy Gray is the Chief Financial Officer for W R Grace’s Construction Products Asia Pacific Division. In this role he is responsible for Business and Strategic Planning and Reporting for 17 Asian countries. Jeremy is also responsible for M&A, including compliance due diligence, for his division and managed W. R. Grace’s first acquisition in China. He has acquisition experience in Asia, Europe, USA and Australia. Acting as COO he focuses on business improvement not only in terms of financial results but also employee development and compliance. With a career spanning Europe, the USA and Asia he has broad international experience. Functionally his career has been split between Finance and General Management. 

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