The Role Of Force-Platform Testing In Performance & Fatigue Monitoring

Drawing on recent research, case studies and examples based on his extensive experience with force-platform technology in professional football, Dr Cohen discusses conventional and novel applications in the force-platform testing of athletes, with emphasis on its applications in the team sport environment. 

He focuses on the use of force platforms in performance-profiling and monitoring of neuromuscular fatigue, and the use of dual platforms in injury-risk screening, monitoring rehab, supporting return-to-play decision-making. He also discusses novel applications of testing in rehabilitating athletes; identifying asymmetries in the progression of neuromuscular performance and in the fatigue responses to training sessions.

Dr Daniel Cohen
Head of Sports Science

Daniel is a researcher at the University of Santander in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and works with the Colombian Institute of Sport’s High Performance Centre and Arsenal FC in support of their force-platform testing. He has implemented force platform testing in professional football for over 15 years and works with numerous Premier League clubs in relation to their use of force platforms in performance and injury-risk screening, and in monitoring rehab progress and fatigue – and has research projects ongoing at several clubs.

Daniel is Head of Sports Science for NMP ForceDecks, the official Dual-Force Platform Supplier of the English Institute of Sport. 

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