The Role of Culture in Strategic Execution

In the fast paced environment of global business, mobile technologies, and ever-expanding expectations of customers, clients, and stakeholders, defining and executing the right strategy can be critical to success.  Yet, even more important, is underpinning your organization with the right culture to pull it all off.  Strategy is key, yet understanding, influencing and cultivating your organizational culture will super-charge the right strategy and allow strategic execution to flourish. 

Petrick Adams
Director, Strategy Planning and Analysis

Petrick M. Adams is a Director of Strategy Planning and Analysis for FedEx Information Services.  Adams’ role involves strategy development and execution for FedEx’s information technology division, a key corporate function repesenting thousands of team members around the globe, and consisting of numerous applications, data centers and support processes that enable the FedEx mission.  On a day to day basis, Adams helps to develop strategic technology solutions for FedEx Corporation. 

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