The Road Ahead: Why Does Everything Feel Like It's Speeding Up?

We are living a rapidly and dynamically changing digitally disruptive world. Given this, what time do we allocate each day to ask the simple questions? What has changed? What assumptions do people make that are no longer true and why does everything feel likes its speeding up? Great ideas and solutions come from teams working seamlessly together in a collaborative way rather than from the view of one single person but this session, hosted by Seven West Media’s CDO Clive Dickens, will attempt to share a view of ‘The Road Ahead’ and how Seven and other companies may consider navigating the apparent endless innovative options.

Clive Dickens
Chief Digital Officer

Clive is currently Chief Digital Officer at Seven West Media (ASX:SWM) and oversees strategic & operational aspects of the company's digital content & digital revenue activities.

Seven West Media ( is one of the The Largest Content and Free to Air Broadcasters in the Asia Pacific Region (by $ revenue) 

Seven West owns Print (Newspaper and Magazines), digital (Yahoo7) and broadcasts (Seven Network assets that engage over 15m Australians each week.

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