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The Onion's Fool-Proof Guide to Branded Content

Millennials are the worst. They refuse to be advertised to via traditional methods. But over the course of The Onion’s illustrious career, we’ve perfected not only reaching, but influencing Millennials using sharply written comedy. Rick Hamann, the SVP of Content at the Onion, will share the secrets of how America’s Finest New Source helps brands sell to America’s toughest audience.

Through our “Foolproof guide to creating branded content,” you’ll see the humble beginnings of Onion Labs, The Onion’s branded content division. You’ll also see its secret processes and biggest successes. And learn how not to destroy your editorial integrity for advertising dollars.

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Rick Hamann
Chief Creative Officer

Rick Hamann is Chief Creative Officer for Onion, Inc.  As CCO, Hamann oversees Onion, Inc.’s various properties, Onion Studios, Onion Labs, and all creative endeavors. Hamann first joined Onion, Inc. in March 2014 as Head of Onion Labs, the company’s creative services division. As head of Onion Labs, Hamann successfully built out a content department within the walls of The Onion, combining the best comedy writers and marketing talent to create advertising content worthy of The Onion name. In November 2014, Hamann was promoted to Head of content, overseeing all editorial operations of Onion, Inc.’s publishing arm - including The Onion, A.V. Club, and ClickHole - as well as Onion Labs. Prior to joining Onion, Inc., Hamann served as Group Creative Director at Energy BBDO where he worked for over 2 years. “As a young copywriter, I studied Onion headlines like they were gospel,” said Hamann. “They are fiercely protective of everything that bears their name, and they agonize over every headline, video and photo. That kind of dedication to craftsmanship is becoming increasingly rare in our industry, and to work with that kind of talent is a dream come true.”

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