The Interaction Of Finance And Business Intelligence At Skyscanner

Finance and Business Intelligence as separate yet integrated teams in a fast moving data rich business.  Historically the Finance team would perform FP&A activities.  However, as a result of the vast amounts of data Skyscanner has there is a need for a separate BI team to carry out analysis of user traffic.  The risk to me of having a BI team involved in FP&A is that it could leave my team as a processing centre, risk them becoming demotivated and reduce the impact they can have as a strategic partner to the business.  This presentation will explain why Finance should retain ultimate ownership for FP&A and use the analysis that the BI team provides to help explain the financial analysis of past performance and, more importantly, inform forecasts and estimates of real time performance.

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Colin McLellan
Group Financial Controller

Colin McLellan is Group Financial Controller of Skyscanner, the global travel search site.  A chartered accountant Colin had worked in professional practice, energy and global manufacturing sectors prior to taking up his current role in February 2013.  The growth of Skyscanner during the last 12 months has meant that Colin has had the opportunity to be involved in refinancing the business, employee option buy-backs, implementation of new employee global share schemes, acquisition of hotel metasearch business, implementing a new FMS and growing and developing the impact of the Finance team. 

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