The Future of Streaming in the Music Industry

This will look at how important streaming will become for all aspects of the music industry and how different models of streaming will develop moving forward.

Julien Simon
VP, Music Rights and Label Relations

After working in various roles in the music industry for years, Julien went on to develop digital strategy and sales development at BMG Music in 2004 and then at Sony Music for 4 years, with partners including iTunes, Amazon, and Orange. 

In 2008 Julien took the opportunity to join Deezer, an innovative and dynamic music start up, as VP Music Rights and Label Relations. After negotiations with rights holders and business partners, Deezer launched in 182 countries in 2011, offering a direct subscription service and developing partnerships with mobile carriers in almost 30 countries. 

Julien recently moved from Deezer HQ in Paris to NYC, to search for opportunities in the United States and launch there soon.

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