Chief digital officer

The Future of Mobile: Data-Fueled, Programmatic & Dominant

As mobile becomes the dominant digital medium, mobile advertising will continue its transformation towards the cutting edge of modern marketing techniques. This conversation will probe how marketers with the best data will be able to use programmatic buying to effectively and affordably reach the exact audiences they want. We'll also touch on how the maturation of mobile will make it more attractive to major brands who have only been dipping their toes to this point.

Spencer Scott
Chief Revenue Officer
As Chief Revenue Officer, Spencer manages all revenue at Fiksu as well as all direct client and prospect relationships. Day-to-day, Spencer works with the sales team to make sure the company is presenting itself appropriately in the market. He also works closely with the client management team to make sure Fiksu is giving the best service to our clients. Spencer is well-prepared for this role, having spent the past 10 years in ad tech building up sales and service organizations. He’s also got the added benefit of having run sales at four other companies founded by Fiksu CEO Micah Adler, including serving as Chief Revenue Officer at search engine marketing company Adverplex. He has a Bachelor of Science in  Business Administration from Boston University. Spencer is proud to be a part of what he calls “the best team in ad tech.”

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