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The Evolving Channel Landscape For Consumer IoT

IoT is finding multiple routes into consumers’ homes, cars, and connected lives. Traditional home security providers, energy companies, ISPs, MSOs, insurance companies, device manufacturers, and retailers are all vying for a piece of the IoT value chain. Will connected devices be sold as line extensions of current products through existing retailers or will new distributors/integrators emerge to cater to the services that IoT enables? How might alliances form among dealers, product makers, and service providers?

This session will explore the current landscape, frame the pros and cons from the consumer perspective, and offer thoughts on how it might all play out.

Maria Thomas
Former Chief Consumer Officer

Since 1999, Maria Thomas has been at the leading edge of disruptive innovation in the consumer Internet arena. Maria was an early product leader at and the driving force behind NPR’s successful transformation from a radio-only company to a best-in-class, multi-media enterprise. As CEO at Etsy, Maria transformed a chaotic early-stage, start-up into a profitable global e-commerce platform that effectively used social media to build a large and loyal following.Most recently, Maria again looked to the future with an innovative start-up, SmartThings which is creating an open platform for the smart home. For her leadership “Business Week” recognized Maria in 2008 as one of the Most Influential People on the Web.

Maria Thomas
Former Chief Consumer Officer

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