The Evolution Of The Newspaper: Blending The Old And The New

Change in the news industry is speeding up. The number of ways to access it and channels to market continue to multiply. But does making it first onto all these new platforms make you the most innovative or successful? With consumers being increasingly distracted and dispersed, how can you build a solid editorial and advertising strategy?

Hugh mark
Hugh Mark
Head of Product Strategy

I have been involved in creating and delivering digital and mobile initiatives for brands for the last 15 years.  My role for the last 4 years has been defining the Digital Ad strategy for The Times, The Sunday Times and The Sun, working with editorial and technical teams to create ad experience across our portfolio. I then bring these new products to market with our commercial teams and partners. I worked at Nokia for 4 years on new product development, marketing and strategy projects mainly focusing on new advertising and app initiatives, and prior to  that I was at mobile marketing pioneer Enpocket, which sold to Nokia in 2007.

Hugh Mark
Head of Ad Innovation

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