The Changing C-Suite

Are CEOs and CFOs becoming BFFs? It seems that Firehouse Subs may have started a trend with some Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies following suit. At Firehouse Subs, the current role of the CFO has brought him from behind the calculator, to the front lines of revenue generation and strategic management of the company. As an aligned partner with the CEO, the duo has turned Firehouse Subs into the fastest growing concept within the U.S., which was ranked the No. 1 Top 10 Growth Chain according to Nation’s Restaurant News in 2013. Attend the session to learn more about the evolution of the CFO role and the direct working relationship with the CEO.

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Vince Burchianti

Vincent Burchianti, Chief Financial Officer, Firehouse Restaurant Group, Inc. (FRG), protects the core financial model for Firehouse Subs, a company with predicted 2015 revenues of $667 million. There were 33 restaurants in the system when he joined the company nearly 15 years ago as Corporate Controller. Since that time, Firehouse Subs has grown significantly (surpassing 945 restaurants at the end of 2015) and so has Burchianti’s leadership within the brand. He served as Vice President of Finance and Technology for four years and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2011.

Burchianti’s focus is on financial wellness and growth, ensuring Firehouse Subs restaurant owners maximize their return on investment; however he also supervises several key franchising divisions, Information Technology, reporting/analytics and the supply chain services department.

His hands-on approach safeguards execution of a global franchise development strategy, the digital and technological needs for the company, as well as, the procurement of $215 million in groceries and equipment.

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