The CFO Office in 2015: Eliminating the Barriers to Making an Impact

Earl Kiesel shares his experience successfully breaking down the traditional (Excel-driven, error-prone, low governance) barriers faced by the CFO office in adding value and making an impact to the business. Rather than continuing to simply “produce numbers”, Earl implemented a holistic vision combining a financially intelligent “single point of insight” (data + narrative) EPM web-based and mobile reporting solution with an innovative new governance board.

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Earl Kiesel
Sr. Director, Financial Reporting and Process Excellence

With more than 30 years’ experience in bringing together finance and IT across renowned companies such as Deloitte and PwC, Earl Kiesel brings a rich track-record of successfully implementing the systems, structures and processes the CFO office needs to generates value for the business; and not just numbers.  At Daiichi Sankyo (DSI), Earl is currently responsible for the financial reporting of the consolidated, product, project and functional specific financial results to the management, for their assessment and performance reviews.  He also proves SAP IT leadership and support for the financial organization.

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