Big data

The Business of Big Data

Companies like Gnip, Google, IBM and Metamind are turning data analytics and machine learning into viable products; Will these commercial offerings overtake the "free to use" tools such as the Torch framework and Stanford's Classifier?; This technical talk will focus on the marketplace for big data (who is buying what), the vendors trying to survive in that marketplace and their current product offerings.  You'll learn about the difference between free and paid access to big data, the limitations of existing machine learning "products" and the opportunity this presents for data scientists.

Jim Skinner
Staff Technical Program Manager

Jim Skinner has spent the last 20 years developing distributed platforms that enable the consumption of digital content. During his 14 years at Microsoft Jim helped bring, Korea Telecom's MegaTV and Microsoft's IPTV (sold as AT&T U-Verse, British Telecom Vision, Deutsche Telekom T-Home, etc.) to life. At Netflix Jim focused on video encoding, the content ingestion pipeline and content recommendations. At Cisco, he ventured deep into the heart of video over IP. Recently he managed Amazon Instant Video's expansion to mobile and tablet devices (like the Kindle Fire). Now at Twitter, Jim is expanding the functionality of the Twitter client by providing technical program management of the Twitter Cards platform.

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