The Big Data Wave & Digital Publishing

  • Big Data: societal and enterprise scope, impact on creative industries, from understanding audience to stimulating the creative potential
  • What can be learnt from digital entertainment content for a pervasive big data economy
  • What are the deeper transformations ahead?

A large newspaper lost half of its reader and wondered why. The newspaper team used big data for business intelligence and consolidated their internal customer data with external public information available from social networks on the same customers. They did not go beyond the Business Intelligence analytics of big data, and this is remaining half-way. The business of a newspaper is probably not about knowing its readers alone or about editing news alone, it is more likely to be about putting news and readers in relation. Big data can be used in this three-party relationship, overall and end to end. Big data can support publishing, by putting creative and editorial know-how in the driving seat [again].

Renaud difrancesco
Renaud Di Francesco
Director, Technology

Renaud Di Francesco, PhD, is active in the areas of digital technology, services, and content, and the innovative combination of these. He has worked in different roles: research, engineering management, business development, in different companies and organisations, from 4 countries. His current role if the coordination from Europe of Sony Group’s technology standardisation, technology policy & regulation, at the cross-roads of content, technology platforms, networks, and enabling components. He has enjoyed taking an active part in a number of creative industry transformations: introducing digital satellite transport of music programmes for FM stations in France, helping the cinema exhibition sector of Europe embrace high quality digital cinema projection (as director of Sony’s first European Digital Cinema project, as cofounder of European Digital Cinema Forum, first leader of its economic group), and more recently supporting the open standardisation of publishing for digital reading through the development of epub. Another publishing project was an early exploration with a leading comics publisher of how comic stories and graphic novels may best be displayed on mobile phones.

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