The Accidental Audience: Or What I Learned About Content Strategy from Net Artists

Marketing communications are at a turning point. As the world increasingly engages through digital and screen-based experiences, there is an ever-growing demand for content and its inseparable bedfellow, context. Big data, automation, and algorithms help marketers streamline their efforts to create opportunities for the "right" content to reach the "right" audience at the "right" time - but what of the "accidental audience." In this presentation, I’ll explore what I’ve learned about content strategy from Internet artists who thrive in our networked existence, as they respond to the ever-increasing currency of content and its circulation, master new modes of communication, reconceive the definition of authorship, and expand the possibilities of contemporary language.

Megan Newcome
Global Director, Digital Strategy

Megan Newcome is the global Director of Digital Strategy at Phillips auction house in New York City, specializing in product development, digital communications, and marketing. In October 2013, Megan organized Paddles ON!, the first auction dedicated solely to digital art at a major international auction house. Credited by the net artist Rafaël Rozendaal for “bringing nerds to the auction house”, Megan continues to serve as an advocate at Phillips for innovation, digital culture, and the joys of disruption.

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