Taking A Young Company Global

DocuSign Chief Financial Officer Mike Dinsdale has experience with multiple hyper-growth startups in managing the transition of early-stage companies with a few founders to nimble international juggernauts with hundreds of employees and far-flung locations.  In this session, Mike will share what he’s learned about how to move your business across borders quickly and shift your thinking to a less US-centric mindset – including selecting the right people to lead and represent your products and values in unfamiliar markets, and communicating effectively to keep the whole organization on the right path.

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Mike Dinsdale

Mike joined the DocuSign executive team in May of 2010 as CFO where he was instrumental in driving DocuSign’s rapid global expansion and played an integral role both in guiding strategy and securing late-stage funding from international investors. As Chief Growth Officer, Mike leads DocuSign’s Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Partnerships, and efforts to extend the reach of The DocuSign Global Trust Network. Mike came to DocuSign following his role as CFO at Lithium Technologies, a SaaS platform and application suite provider. At Lithium, Mike raised millions in equity financing over three rounds and was also responsible for two strategic acquisitions, including the acquisition of Scout Labs. During his tenure, Lithium’s valuation increased, positioning the company as the clear leader in social CRM. Prior to Lithium, Mike was employee #10 and CFO of Velocity11, a life sciences technology company. There, he was a critical player in setting business strategy and aggressively driving revenue growth to $50MM. Mike further fueled Velocity11’s growth by dramatically increasing revenue, securing funding, and playing a key role during the firm's acquisition by Agilent Technologies in 2007.

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