Swimming Tech And Speedo: Elite To High-Street

Exploring the tension between the traditional artisan approach to garment creation and the science of moving faster in water. Achieving a healthy balance of the two is one of Speedo’s big challenges, but ultimately, it is this combination that gives competitive swimmers the psychological and physical edge that they need.

Rob blenkinsopp.001
Rob Blenkinsopp
Research Manager

Rob is the Research Manager at Speedo International, the world’s leading swimwear brand. Rob’s role involves scoping, activating, developing and managing Speedo’s global research activities, working on all products for the fitness consumer through to Olympic swimmers. Prior to Speedo, Rob completed a PhD at Loughborough University sponsored by adidas. He has also carried out consultancy for a number of sports companies in testing, validation and product development.

Rob Blenkinsopp
Research Manager

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