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Surviving The Innovation 'Danger Zone'

Today, many organizations are establishing formal innovation offices.  And while it might be seen as the trendy thing to do, it is also vitally important for the success of every organization.  The world is changing quickly and the companies that lead that change can enjoy significant competitive advantages.  Unfortunately, many companies are focusing on the “I” in ROI but few know how to measure the “R”.  In this session we will explore an approach that helps put some structure around that measurement thereby helping to avoid the perils of the innovation “danger zone”.

John Geyer
Chief Innovation Officer
Having worked at General Electric & Gartner in Iinnovation roles previously, John has brought his experience to Metlife, where he leads the insurance giant's initiatives in this area. He focusses on catalysing innovation at large companies, and particularly on measuring this once it has begun.

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