Strategy In a New Market

In 2014, Kaiser Permanente offered health plans on the new public health insurance exchanges. The strategy and expected competitive position was, in some states, dramatically different than what occurred. I will share a brief overview of the new health exchanges, the linkages to KP’s affordability strategy, and how strategic planning and execution will change going forward.

Laura Rehfeld
Director, Strategic Planning

Laura Rehfeld is a Director of Strategic Planning at Kaiser Permanente. She applies her energy and expertise to bring clarity to the dynamic health care industry. She leads KP’s Affordability strategy and developed a framework to define, measure, and inspire actions that lower the cost of care for Americans. As a strategist, her unique qualities are deep collaboration with SMEs on the front end of planning, surfacing and testing novel ideas, and inspiring her team to generate leading approaches. She 19 years of cross-functional experience in financial services and health care provider industries. She holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

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