Stakeholder Engagement: How To Get The Right People Involved

Let’s face it, not many of us work for a company thats product sells itself.  We need the help of many partners to make our businesses successful and ultimately deliver a product our customer desires.  How do you engage your vendors, suppliers, employees to ensure your success?  How do get past the “what’s in it for me mentality”?  What can Finance leaders do to drive the process?

Katrina Basic

Katrina is the CFO at Love Culture Inc., a young woman’s retailer which is growing rapidly and currently has 84 stores across the United States and an ecommerce site.  With a background specializing in Consumer and Retail Finance, Katrina came to Love Culture in 2011 to oversee the rapid growth plan and to prepare the company for the next phase of growth.  She specializes in ERP System Implementations and process improvement. 

Katrina’s past experience includes holding the CFO or Controller role at Aqua Quip, iFLOOR, Zumiez and Unionbay Sportswear. 

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