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Smart Network Analytics using Big Data Tools

Every device generates data. Any large company has multiple network devices generating data, such as Wi-Fi access points, network controllers, firewall controllers, network management systems, mobile devices and applications (collectively the Internet of Things). Hadoop can be used to store, extract and transform this network data for use by various business users to generate value for retail organizations, including: monitor and predict network infrastructure failures; analyze performance of in-store mobile applications; gain insight into customers’ mobile device usage within guest network. The ability to perform analytics and continuous reporting on this network data in-house is a big cost saver, and delivers added business intelligence capabilities for organizations.

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Deepak Sondhi
Lead Big Data Solution Architect

Deepak is a Big Data Architect with over 25 years of experience in Solution and Enterprise Architecture. He has expertise with different Hadoop distributions and experience with MapReduce using Pig and Hive. Deepak brings hands-on experience with Real Time Hadoop (Storm and Kafka), querying with Impala and Spark, and has implemented Real Time Hadoop, HDFS and Hive security. As well as experience in analyzing data with Hadoop ecosystem and Commercial off the shelf Analytics packages like Datameer, Tableau and Microstrategy. His proven experience in consulting and non-consulting organizations includes work  with MetaScale, Accenture, PeopleSoft and Oracle consulting. Deepak’s strengths include the ability to define pre-production architecture and process methodologies - this includes defining roles and responsibilities for the support team – as well as completing all projects on schedule.

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