Smart Clothing and the Health Data Revolution

If we want to do preventive health and personalized medicine, we'll need to put health sensors on people. The first generation of wearables for health have focused on the wrist, however, there's a limit on what you can track from there. The next logical step is to embed health sensors in the most natural form factor for wearables: clothing. Smart clothing will change the way we see our health, and will provide us the information we need to change the way medicine is practiced.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier is co-founder and CEO of Hexoskin, a smart clothing company with offices in Montreal and San Francisco. He received an Electrical Engineering degree and a Master degree in Machine Learning from École Polytechnique de Montréal. Prior to co-founding Hexoskin, he has worked for Bell Canada and Octasic, and then for many other innovative companies as a research and development consultant. His work at Hexoskin involves the development of smart clothing for health research and sports science, electronic and algorithm design, product concepts, and relations with space agencies. Pierre-Alexandre is also the co-founder of Quantified Self Montreal, a group that promotes self-knowledge through numbers, and can get by around the world in five languages.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

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