Small Steps in Culture, Giant Leaps in Brand

At the end of 2013, after years of successful investment in eBay’s technology platforms, CEO John Donahoe knew that the next step in creating superlative customer experiences would come from design. He tapped his design leaders, and others throughout the company, to Activate Design Thinking, building a cohesive design culture across eBay Inc. and revealing the importance of design thinking and making across ebay inc' future of commerce & payments. Hear more about one company’s journey from an inward-focused to a customer-centric culture, driven by design thinking. 

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Dane Howard
Director, Global Brand Experience

Dane Howard is a Design leader & Entrepreneur. He has built his career through helping companies design products & brands. With a background in sequential media, he has focused much of his work on telling product & brand stories. He has played a principle design and leadership role for Microsoft, Designworks | BMW, Major League Baseball, Scient Corporation, Quokka Sports, VUVOX & eBay. His work & travels have brought him global experience across Europe & Asia. Dane co-founded VUVOX in 2006, which was acquired in 2008 by eBay. He is now a design leader at eBay. Dane frequently speaks on innovation, design & culture.

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