Silos In A Big Organization: Addressing The Problem With Insight

This short presentation recognizes one of the challenges we face working in big organizations: that with our various teams and divisions, big businesses organize themselves into silos. Kevin Joyner, Digital Analytics Manager at the BBC, discusses the problem and shows how his team at the BBC used digital analytics to visualize it and to relate it to website performance. Solving the problems caused by silos is not as simple as just linking everything to everything else, but common metrics that focus on measuring joined up experiences can be a way to begin to address the issue.

Kevin Joyner
Manager, Digital Analytics - Future Media
Kevin is a manager in a central team of digital analysts at the BBC.  He helps to enable digitalanalytics across the organisation; and to deliver insight from analyses that take a view across itsmany and varied teams and products.  Before he joined the BBC he was Head of Insight at theagency Corke Wallis, and he’s also worked in account management and analytics at the agencyHarvest Digital.  Kevin began his career in market research at Millward Brown.  He read English atuniversity and growing up always had aspirations to become an actor.

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