Supply Chain Analytics: How To Get The Buy-in That You Need To Get Started

Do you have a vision of how analytics can bring value, but find it difficult to convince your boss to invest so that you can get started? Are you frustrated with end to end data quality, but find it difficult to convince your peers to improve data quality with you? Are you frustrated with the analytics tools, but find it difficult to get IT to provide something more user friendly and cost effective? You are not alone. While analytics is an on trend topic, most companies are just at the beginning of this long journey and share the struggle. In this presentation, we will share strategies and tips that will help you jump start your analytics initiative.

Grace Woo
Director of Procurement

Grace Woo is Director of Procurement at McCormick & Co. In this role, Grace is leading a transformative initiative to develop supply chain analytics as a core competency for global procurement, planning & manufacturing.

Grace has a diverse set of working experience from start-ups to multi-billion companies in CPG, Banking and Public Sector Advisory. Prior to McCormick, she was part of the management team that built a successful startup that was acquired by McCormick in 2006.

Grace holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from London School of Economics in the UK, a graduate degree in Urban Planning form UC Berkeley, and graduated from PLD Program from Harvard Business School. 

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