Strategy and 24 Hour Live News

Delivering the news is an intensive and demanding business. It involves working in an environment that is fast-paced and never sleeps. It requires major decisions to be made every day, often within a limited timeframe and with limited information. This session will explore the differences between the world of live news and the world of strategy, but also some underlying similarities and what each could learn from the other.

Nick Herm
Sky News
Chief Operating Officer

Nick has been at Sky for over 15 years in a wide range of roles.  Nick was recently appointed Chief Operating Officer at Sky News and his role covers all aspects of running the organisation – including commercial deals, strategy and people. Before this, Nick was Deputy Head of Strategy for a number of years and involved in numerous significant projects. These include the acquisition of VMtv, the addition of the Viacom business to Sky Media’s portfolio, the launch of Sky Atlantic and many commercial deals with the major US studios and sports bodies.  Nick studied at Warwick University and graduated with a BA Hons in Economics and International Studies.

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