The Future of B2B Online Banking: The Rise of Machines and the Treasury Professional’s Role in the New World Order

Starting with the industrial revolution, machines have been making people’s lives better. In the past few decades, these machines (computers) have been transforming the finance industry. Many key finance tasks (bookkeeping, check writing, etc.) have already been replaced by computers. This trend continues through the automation of cash operations through host to host connections. As computers continue to do more work, the role of the Treasury professional will become more strategic. In this talk, I will take you through Citi’s connectivity strategy, highlighting the key trends driving this strategy and how we are building our products to take advantage of what’s happening in the market.
Robert Schlaff
Global Product Manager

Robert Schlaff is Global Product Manager for CitiDirect BE Online Banking and CitiConnect Host-to-Host Solutions. His mandate is to provide the best connectivity solutions for cash management professionals. His current focus is on Citi’s upgrade to the client centric CitiDirect BE platform. Previous to this role he served as Director of Mobile Solutions and Vice President of Strategy and New Product Development in Citi’s Consumer banking division. Previously, he was a Management Consultant at Booz & Co. Robert has a BS in Computer Science from Yale University and an MBA from NYU.

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