Recruiting And Retaining FP&A Talent In A Low-Cost Environment

At Spirit Airlines, our low-cost business model means that we run a lean organization and our pay scale is not at the top of the market. However, even with these challenges, the FP&A organization still requires top talent that can produce the quantity and quality of work that adds real value to the company. So how do we recruit and retain FP&A talent in a low-cost environment? In my presentation, I will discuss how we market our positions and what channels we utilize to recruit our talent. I will also discuss our methods for evaluating the talent we find. Finally, I will cover how we structure our organization and other tools we utilize in order to retain our talent.

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Scott Clausen
Director, FP&A

Scott Clausen is the Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at Spirit Airlines, an ultra low cost airline with $2 billion in annual sales that serves the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  In his role, Scott is responsible for the companywide annual plan, weekly forecast, capital approval and reporting, long range planning, flight profitability, metrics, and corporate analysis projects.  Prior to joining Spirit, Scott held a variety of financial roles at AirTran Airways, Independence Air, US Airways, and Verizon Communications.  Scott holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from The George Washington University, Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Connecticut, and Master of Business Administration from Duke University.

Scott Clausen
Director, FP&A

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