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Real Time Applications at Terabyte Scale

Sometimes, hourly jobs just aren't fast enough.  At ShareThis, we want to make social data actionable. The most interesting data is the data that is happening right now, or even better, the data that is just about to happen. Analyzing terabytes of data per day in a real time fashion requires thinking about your data in a slightly different way. As a perk, one of the benefits of up front processing is that you also save on down stream processing and data fidelity. Come learn how.

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Isaac Mosquera
Vice President, Engineering for Data & Insights

Isaac Mosquera is Vice President of Engineering for Data & Insights products at ShareThis. He is responsible for overseeing the quality and usage of the billions of data points ShareThis’ ingests each day.  His mission is to maintain, conjoin and deeply explore ShareThis’ data in innovative ways.  Prior to ShareThis, Isaac has founded numerous startups in the mobile and social space, including Socialize, a mobile SDK distributed to over 100M devices, which was acquired by ShareThis in 2013. 

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