Pursuit of Innovation in the Premier League

Many organisations spend considerable sums on collecting data of their players, but lack the capability to systematically store and analyse the data using sophisticated qualitative techniques, such as computational statistics and machine learning. Data gathering for the sake of it can be very futile unless it is used to drive action during the athletic process. While technology on its own cannot guarantee success, the focussing of time and effort in developing robust analytical processes has great potential. Some contemporary practitioners now have first-hand experience of how the intelligent use of ‘sports analytics’ can improve player acquisition and performance management.

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Tony strudwick
Tony Strudwick
Manchester United FC
Head of Athletic Development
Tony has an extensive background in player development structures from elite youth to senior level both in England and U.S.A. Such a wide involvement has facilitated consultancy work with Nike, Red Bull and Lucozade Sport. Tony Completed Post Graduate research with Liverpool John Moores University 2006. In addition, Tony has a comprehensive background in teaching and lecturing at graduate level. F.A. Staff Teacher for F.A. Fitness Trainer’s Course, UEFA Pro-Licence, A-Licence and Youth Coaches Award. Previous positions with Blackburn Rovers F.C. (finishing 6th and 10th in 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 respectively), West Ham United F.C. (gaining promotion to Premier League season 2004/2005), The English F.A., and Coventry City F.C.

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