Chief data officer

Problem Solving Through Analytics

There is an ever-growing availability of data, yet companies struggle to turn data into business advantage.

UPS has long leveraged data and analytics to solve complex operational and customer business challenges. Jack can talk about how UPS is using a mix of proven analysis methods, advanced analytics and innovative technologies to solve problems internally and externally and uncover benefits including increased efficiencies, reduced costs and improved service – and share lessons learned and advice for other companies.

Jack can also talk about the latest technology advancements and how to create a data-driven architecture for the future.

Jack levis
Jack Levis
Director of Process Management

Over 35 years management at UPS. Currently assigned to Corporate Engineering, responsible for creating and executing a vision for operations planning, control, and monitoring processes and systems. This includes Pickup, Delivery, and Transportation. In addition, responsible for the Operations Research and Advanced Analytics groups.

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