Predictive Analytics with Citi

Yulin Ning from Citi Group speaks about integrating decision science into decision management disciplines. Both global and digital visions of the global bank are discussed in this presentation.

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Yulin Ning
Senior Director, Global Decision Management

Yulin Ning is a Senior Director in Global Decision Management, a global strategy and analytic division in Citi’s Global Consumer Bank.  His focus has been on next generation analytics, acting as a chief data scientist, aiming to accelerate global adoption of big data and machine learning for creative business solutions.  He developed expertise in platform and capabilities in digital (clickstream), text mining, voice analytics, big data, and machine learning.  His most recent interests are on deep learning and artificial intelligence.  

Over 18 years at Citi, Yulin has worked with a range of financial and technology companies, vendors, and universities specializing in analytics and emerging technologies.  He holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics.

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