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Predictive Analytics in S&OP - The Coming Revolution Aided by Big Data

Huge advances in data analytic technologies combined with proliferation of data acquisition mechanisms is generating a plethora of possibilities for improving efficiencies in the supply chain. From a focus on real time data earlier, the winds are now shifting towards querying and actionable insights both at an operational/tactical level as well as strategic level. How can organizations exploit this bonanza to make their operations more productive and efficient? How can value be captured and what are the challenges and obstacles in faster adoption and use of these in the supply chain space? We will look at technologies shaping the capabilities and ways to maximize its value for SCM practitioners.

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Lalit Panda
Chief Information Officer
Lalit is the ex-CIO of Tronox. Lalit is an Accomplished & Transformational 6 Sigma Black Belt certified Global Information Technology & Supply Chain Executive with 25 years of multi-industry, multi-functional & multi-country experience. As Global CIO led multiple business, organization, process, culture & systems transformation strategy and execution, improving revenue growth, branding, reducing costs, increasing WC productivity & reducing lead time. Complex projects implemented include ERP consolidation, acquisition integration, global network consolidation, revamped global S&OP, web site transformation & consolidation, global collaboration on MS O365, e-commerce, data center & ERP consolidation, CRM, Digital Asset & Document Management platforms, cloud migration etc. In two decades managing global supply chains, improved supply chain & logistics strategy/execution, CPFR with customers & vendors, lead time, logistics & transportation cost reduction,improved inventory turns & CSL, network optimization with savings of $5m, negotiated global transportation and logistics contracts, global facilities management, global strategic sourcing, vendor management & review, improved supply chain visibility with dashboard etc.Upgraded DC system with latest generation real time automation, managed transportation and procurement from global suppliers. In apparel industry introduced creative inventory management systems reducing working capital, co managed product distribution & production scheduling in India, conducted systems audits, led software re-engineering project to revamp systems. His goal is to leverage His global multi-faceted experience to make quantum improvements to the IT/Supply Chain systems, processes and operations of medium to large size organizations & increase revenue growth, cost efficiency, supply chain responsiveness & productivity, & global collaboration.

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