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Predictive Analytics and Retail: Shaping the Mobile Experience

Attend and learn how predictive analytics is helping one of the world's largest retailers better understand and serve its customers. This presentation details the retailer's challenges, how predictive analytics was employed to solve them, the results they achieved, and how this methodology and information can be applied to other industries and businesses.

Brian Lent
Chief Analytics Officer

Brian brings more than two decades of technology, entrepreneurial leadership to Medio. Prior to the creation of Medio, Lent was the founding CEO of Intelligent Results, a business analytics enterprise software company later acquired by First Data Corporation. Brian also worked on Data Mining and Recommendations as a Director of IT at Before joining Amazon, Brian served as Principal and Director of Applications at Junglee, the first company to launch a shopping comparison search and recommendations engine, which was acquired by Amazon in 1998. Brian studied in the Ph.D. program at Stanford University, where he co-founded MIDAS, the same lab that incubated the Google crawler and search engine. Brian holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Nevada, and a Masters and Ph.D. Candidacy in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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