Power of Crowd-Sourced Health Data

MyFitnessPal (MFP) is the leading free resource to take charge of daily health tracking. Thanks to its large user-base of over 65 million users, it has accumulated a very large amount of nutrition & fitness data. In this talk, I will share some lessons learned during the development of data-driven products using such crowd-source data with the goal of improving real-time nutrition & fitness tracking, insights and community activities of MFP's users.

Chul Lee
Director, Data Engineering & Science
As Director of Data Engineering & Science, Chul is responsible for the development of data products related to real-time nutrition and fitness tracking, insights and community activities at MyFitnessPal. Prior to MyFitnessPal, Chul managed a team at LinkedIn that operated several relevance engines for LinkedIn's content products like LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn Content Emails, Channels and LinkedIn's Publishing Platform. He also co-founded a social news startup that delivered a personalized news experience by aggregating the entire blogosphere and news sites with the combination  of millions of social media signals. Chul holds Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Toronto, where he focused on web algorithms and text mining. He also authored many patents and papers that appeared in top-tier peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

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