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Panel Session: How Big Companies Can Operate Like Startups

This interactive panel session will discuss how startups can move faster, take more risks & innovate faster than larger organizations. We will hear from both sides and explore how big companies can learn from the way startups operate in these areas.

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Colin Carrier
Chief Strategy Officer

Colin Carrier is Chief Strategy Officer of Twitch, the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. In addition to guiding new business and content initiatives at Twitch, Colin serves as the General Manager for, the original parent to Twitch and one of the first and longest-running live video broadcast platforms focusing on entertainment, social, creativity and poker. Previously, Colin spent 4 years at Ustream – at the time, the largest global live video network – most recently as VP of Monetization, overseeing development and operations for all revenue lines, including advertising, PPV/subscription, ecommerce, production and enterprise sales.  As one of the earliest employees at Ustream, Colin was instrumental in securing over $75MM in series B financing, scaling the company to over 250 people, and supporting the formation of 2 joint ventures in Tokyo and Seoul. Formerly a Strategy Consultant with L.E.K. Consulting specializing in media, entertainment and technology, Colin has also been a founding partner in 2 other successful startups to date.

Claudia gorelick
Claudia Gorelick
SVP, Strategy

Claudia is SVP of Strategy and Business Development at the Guardian US.  In this role, she designs long term commercial plans and targets, and builds partnerships and ancillary revenue ventures.  Previously, Claudia worked for many years in similar roles in the TV industry.  She has over 15 years of digital experience, beginning at Razorfish when it was 35 people.  Claudia holds BA from Vassar College and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Steven Rahman
Director, Strategy

Steven Rahman is Director of Strategy at Samsung Research America in Silicon Valley. Presently, he leads User Experience strategy at Samsung where he and his team consider what Users will be doing with their devices in the near future and what technology must be developed to make it possible. Prior to Samsung, he has had a long career in Silicon Valley.  Most recently, he worked for a start-up called Watchwith which built the world’s leading synch to broadcast platform. In 2013, Samsung became a partner and investor in Watchwith.

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