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Panel: Big Data & Analytics On the Cloud – Faster, Easier, Economical

Moderator: Namrata Kapur, Regional Marketing Manager, APAC, Softlayer


    Tan Yew Luan, Director, Cloud & Managed Services, IBM
    Harish Aitharaju, Business Group Lead, Microsoft 
    Vikram Mengi, Information Strategy Practice, Latize
    Perry Sansom, Sr. VP, WhereScape Asia+

Big data applications have big demands—massive storage, powerful computing resources, and on-demand scalability, to name a few. The ability to have access to the high-performance, highly scalable modular infrastructure that big data requires often turns out to be an expensive affair. Cloud offers businesses with the capability to scale (up or down) and access numerous apps and on-demand software, to name a few benefits. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), as an example, allows a business to choose from a wide range of servers—from customizable public cloud instances (ready in about five minutes) to enterprise-grade, high-powered, fully customizable bare metal servers (ready in under two hours) and not worry about the heavy costs or massive resources required to manage them.   

This panel discussion will focus on how big data and analytics can be used on the cloud and the speakers will share their experiences and highlight few interesting case stories.

Senior Executives
Senior Executive
SoftLayer, an IBM company, is a global cloud infrastructure provider. With 13 data centers in the United States, Asia and Europe and a global footprint of network points of presence, we operate a platform built for Internet scale. Our modular architecture provides unparalleled performance and control, with a full-featured API and sophisticated automation that seamlessly spans physical and virtual devices for secure, low-latency communications.

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