Optimizing Patient Experience Through Digital

Improving people’s digital experience of health and care is about more than meeting the expectations set by digital services in other sectors. If a sustainable health service is to be achieved then we need to give patients and the public the things they need to assume greater control of their own health and care to reduce pressure on frontline services.

What digital services, tools, and information are being built and how will they support this objective? How will the NHS build a platform that will enable private sector developers and industry to collaborate and play their part in delivering new technologies, apps, and wearables that will really make a difference?

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Juliet Bauer
Director, Digital Experience

Juliet leads all patient-facing digital technology projects for NHS England. This includes the transformation of the NHS Choices website and the development of digital experiences that will help people to manage life-long conditions like diabetes and asthma.

Prior to joining NHS England, Juliet led similar technology programmes at a range of businesses from start-ups to major media companies. This included leading the transformation of The Times digital experience to a subscription product.

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