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Operational Excellence Through Simplicity

The reality of the large organization is that they are complex.  Yet the reality of operations is that it needs to be simple.  How do these polar opposite ideals come together in the ever changing landscape of operations, IT and marketing to ensure that the day to day operators have the simplest of role? Therefore allowing them to focus on the most important thing of all, the customer.

Aaron moore saxton, pizza hut
Aaron Moore-Saxton
Director, Operations

Aaron has been in hospitality operations for more than 20 years working with some of the UK’s leading companies in this field including Whitbread, Scottish and Newcastle and Spirit before moving to Yum! Brands in 2006.  During his time in Yum! with the UK Pizza Hut team Aaron has work for both the dine-in restaurant and the home delivery channels and is now COO for the UK&I business.  Aaron’s passion for the industry and for the operations role is born of a love of working with people from all walks of life and because of the variability each and every day brings.

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