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Open Innovation With Leading Research Universities

With leading research universities being at the center of major new developments and new start-ups, working with academia should be a key part of every company’s open innovation initiative. But, doing this means understanding exactly how innovations come about in a university setting in order for a firm to gain a leadership position. Randall will share his observations from more than twenty years experience advising executives how best to work with leading research universities to capitalize on their latest innovations. Key takeaways include understanding how to search out innovations, best ways to organize an open innovation initiative, and seven key innovation questions every firm should be asking about itself.

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Randall S. Wright
Senior Liaison Officer
Randall S. Wright is a Senior Liaison Officer with MIT's Industrial Liaison Program. He manages the interface between the managements of companies, headquartered in the United States and Europe, and the senior administration and faculty of MIT. As a Senior Liaison Officer for MIT, he leads teams of researchers and faculty members in providing on-going emerging technology intelligence and strategic advice for the world's leading technology companies. Randall draws on extensive experience advising executives on a range of emerging technology areas including digital transformation, big data, robotics, green buildings, water efficiency, energy storage, biofuels, advanced materials, and manufacturing. He provides navigation and recommendations on the emerging technologies and adoption landscapes critical to future business growth, as well as creation, development, and execution of programs of research between industry and MIT. Prior to becoming a Senior Liaison Officer for MIT, Randall was a Marketing Manager for Pfizer, Inc. He was also a Strategic Planning Analyst for Pennzoil Company--a Fortune 500 oil and natural resources company. Randall is an invited lecturer at Northeastern University's Executive M.B.A. Program where he lectures on innovation and corporate strategy.

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