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Netflix Big Data & Analytics Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

At Netflix we value high performance, freedom, and responsibility.  This talk will focus on how our unique culture enables the use of Big Data and Analytics throughout the organization.  The talk will also discuss how learnings from Netflix could be applied to any organization. 

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Dave Hastings
Director, Product Analytics, Data Science & Engineering

Dave Hastings is Director of Product Analytics, Data Science and Engineering at Netflix. He is passionate about improving the way people do business through the use of information, analysis, and technology. He has an extensive background in both analytics and analytical applications. During his career, Dave has served a number of roles in Analytics, including Analytical Consultant, Data Warehouse Manager, Director of Product Management, and Director of Advanced Analytics and Data Science. Dave currently leads four teams within the Data Science & Engineering group all focused on capturing, surfacing and analyzing data to support the Product Management teams in their efforts to optimize the member experience of Netflix.

Dave Hastings
Director, Product Analytics, Data Science & Engineering

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