Monetizing Mobile and Successfully Leveraging the Platform for Brands

The rapid growth of mobile adoption is mainly portrayed as a daunting development for brands and publishers stemming from the perceived disadvantages of smaller real estate to convey a brand message.  Consequently, publishers fear their revenue is at risk as they've seen less demand for mobile ads and suspect an inability to maintain a viable price for mobile inventory

We at Quartz view this evolution differently.  We believe the real danger lies in deploying solutions that don't respect the user when they are engaged in an intimate experience they guard more closely than they have other platforms.  Conversely, we see a real opportunity in speaking to people when the engagement level that comes with mobile consumption is very high and the distraction level very low.  Done properly, advertising on mobile has the chance to unlock incredible value for publishers and brands

Joy robins.001
Joy Robins
Vice President, Advertising & Strategy

Joy Robins is vice president of advertising and strategy at Quartz. She started her career on the ad agency side, buying national radio and television advertising at OMD. Previously, Joy worked with the BBC to introduce their TV and digital properties to the US advertising market where she discovered her passion for high-quality content. She was also on the leadership team at NBC Universal, tasked with monetizing NBC’s digital news properties. Joy graduated from Rutgers University and is most obsessed with creating compelling and effective opportunities for advertisers seeking to leverage premium content and a high-quality audience.

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