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In order for customer analytics to go from ‘lingo’ to ‘business action’, there are 4 P’s that have helped Velocity bring customer analytics into the heart of the business

The 4 P’s of customer analytics at Velocity Frequent Flyer:

1. Payback – Demonstrating an ROI from investment in customer analytics to ensure senior management buys in

2. Partnerships – Using partners to plug skill gaps. You can’t do it all

3. People – Hire from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives

4. Purchase - Look for acquisition opportunities. Velocity recently acquired Torque Data to turbocharge capability.

Steve Baird
Head of Marketing & Analytics - Velocity Frequent Flyer

Steve is Head of Marketing & Analytics for the Velocity Frequent Flyer program. He is responsible for the delivery of the overall marketing strategy and its implementation spanning four divisions: marketing communications, campaign analytics, planning and insights.

Steve Baird
Head of Marketing & Analytics - Velocity Frequent Flyer

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