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Marketing a Multiplatform Brand: Building Connections Across Devices

New media has radically redefined how consumers enjoy and interact with content. Sixty years ago there were just a few television channels reaching into most homes in the United States. Today, consumers have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to what entertainment to enjoy and where and when to consume it. Comedy Central launched as a linear television network 23 years ago but is now a multiplatform brand on smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. Making the leap from TV screens to every screen is how brands like Comedy Central will remain relevant as consumer choice continues to evolove. I'll discuss how its more important than ever for marketing to be content and content to be marketing when building new connections with fans across their favorite devices. 

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Jason Shafton
Vice President, Brand Marketing

Jason Shafton is Vice President, Brand Marketing, Comedy Central. In this role, Jason is responsible for Comedy Central's marketing efforts. This includes developing advertising campaigns for brand launches including the upcoming fall schedule, securing promotional and media partnerships for the brand, and planning Comedy Central events. 

Prior to joining Comedy Central, Jason was Head of Play Product and Social Marketing at Google, where he started in June 2006. During his stint, Jason was responsible for consumer marketing of Google Play product launches globally as well as all social media marketing and consumer events. He also was part of the Android Market on the web, google Music and Google Play and led marketing teams internationally to launch music, movies, magazines, and books content verticles. Jason received Operating Committee (OC) awards for the launches of Google instant, Google Music and Android Honeycomb. 

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