Make it Digital – The Story of a Strategy

Last October, the Director-General of the BBC talked about the Corporation’s mission to ‘inform, educate and entertain’. He said: “If informing the world is vital to the BBC so is educating. I feel passionately about this. Every year I want a big educational project with national impact. In 2015, we want to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology”.The UK currently faces a skills shortage in the technology sector and the BBC aims to help change that. Over 30 years ago the BBC played a leading role in helping Britain get to grips with the first wave of personal computers, putting the BBC Micro into the majority of schools. Now we’re looking to inspire Britain’s next generation of digital storytellers, problem solvers and entrepreneurs by creating a special season devoted to coding and digital creativity. Kerensa is the project executive of the ‘Make it Digital’ initiative and will talk through her approach in designing and implementing the strategy.

Kerensa Jennings
Head of Strategic Delivery

Kerensa is an award winning writer, producer and director who specialises in designing and delivering strategies. As Head of Strategic Delivery at the BBC, Kerensa is a storyteller at heart and has developed a reputation for creating strategies that get results both inside and beyond the BBC. Having started her career in journalism and programme making, Kerensa has worked at ITN and Sky as well as the BBC. Highlights include her work as Editor of Breakfast with Frost; BBC Election Results Editor; and making a TV series on palaeontology with Sir David Attenborough. An accredited executive coach, MBTI practitioner and workplace mediator, Kerensa has also run large-scale interactive events, seminars and multimedia outreach programmes; and is on the Engage for Success Taskforce as well as the Duke of York’s iDEA Corporate Board. Over the last few years, Kerensa has headed up the corporate simplification project at the BBC and is currently project executive of a pan-UK digital engagement initiative for the Director-General Tony Hall.

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